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  • Aldertrack Interviews Martin Arteaga

  • Jesus “Chuy” Garcia – SW Side Kick Off in the 23rd Ward

    Southwest Kick Off in the 23rd Ward -

  • The New 23rd Ward

    CLICK ON THE LINK: 23rd Ward Demographic Map

    If you click on the link above.  You will see a map of the 23rd ward full of colors.  This map visually shows you the new 23rd ward.  If you haven’t noticed, the Latino population has exploded in the Southwest side of Chicago.  The 23rd Ward was remapped in 2011 and took into effect January 1, 2012.  It is one of the newest Hispanic majority wards in the City of Chicago.

    Hispanics by Neighborhoods in the 23rd Ward

    Garfield Ridge – ranges from 10%-50%.
    Clearing-ranges from 10%-50%.
    Archer Heights-ranges from 40%-80%.
    West Lawn-ranges from 60%-90%.
    Chicago Lawn-ranges from 80%-100%.

    CLICK ON THE LINK: 23rd Ward Demographic Map

  • kids

    Education and Schools as Community Centers


    I am a proud product of the Chicago Public Schools and I am a firm believer that our neighborhood schools need to be well funded and high performing in order to strengthen our communities. I believe that teachers and students need the proper resources to effectively educate students in today’s continually evolving technological world.
    I believe that teachers and students equally benefit from a lower student to teacher ratio which enhances the teaching conditions and enables more personalized attention.

    I believe that the school should be should be utilized as a community center after-hours. Schools should be the pillar of our communities, where parents and students can both stay engaged in educational, recreational, and other community building activities.

  • Dust clears in New Latino Majority 23rd Ward with only One Latino Candidate

    Martin Profile Pic

    December 30, 2014
    For Immediate Release
    Contact: David Sanchez

    Press Release

    Dust clears in New Latino Majority 23rd Ward
    with only One Latino Candidate

    With elections closely approaching, Martin Arteaga, a twenty-three year resident of the Southwest side, small business owner, and Progressive Aldermanic candidate, successfully removed Paulino Villarreal Jr. from the ballot in the 23rd Ward. The result, Martin Arteaga will be the only Latino candidate for Alderman in the new 67% Latino majority 23rd Ward.

    Martin Arteaga stated, “The current alderman’s camp is running scared because this is big for our campaign, but even bigger for the Latino community. We stopped the Machine from inserting a candidate to divide the Latino vote. When I am Alderman, I will represent everyone in my ward, but I refused to accept divisive tactics. Now we move forward to February’s election and let the voters speak for themselves.” Arteaga hired attorney Andrew Finko. The competitor’s petitions were questioned for insufficient number of legitimate signatures under Chicago election law. Villarreal was 89 signatures short, per the final record exam.

    The 23rd Ward includes Midway International Airport, Garfield Ridge, Clearing, Archer Heights, West Elsdon, West Lawn, and Chicago Lawn.

    Martin is running on a platform of improving education, reducing crime, and pushing economic development in the Midway Airport area. Ideas include bringing new restaurants, entertainment venues, and parking to increase commerce (using the Rosemont entertainment district as a model) to create jobs and more revenue for the City of Chicago. Martin believes the infrastructure and business districts along Archer Ave and near Midway Airport are outdated. Martin believes in the improving the quality of life for the people in the 23rd Ward and will show it in his actions.

  • Marty Castro endorses Arteaga for Alderman

  • Candidates file for Chicago election

    – In the 23rd Ward, another ward that has a new Latino majority, veteran Michael Zalewski is running for a sixth term. Martin Arteaga, a community activist, is expected to challenge him. – CHICAGO TRIBUNE



  • Safety/Crime

    school safety

    Martin believes that all families in the Ward should feel safe. As our neighborhoods have evolved they should do so for the better. Martin believes in the holistic approach to building a safer community by working hand-in-hand with local law enforcement, community organizations, and schools.

    In addition to educational changes, Martin will continue his efforts to help make our neighborhoods safer. He believes that the best form of prevention is investing in our students. Martin has been a true role model and mentor to youths and understands that the youth need programs and activities to keep them active.

  • Economic and Business Development


    Martin wants to bring public and private partnerships to the midway and southwest community. Currently our ward is plagued by vacant and underdeveloped properties. He has the experience to prepare for success.
    Martin worked at Northwestern as Coordinator of Minority Affairs and University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), and at the Office for Access & Equity and South Campus Development, where he made sure that woman and minorities owned businesses had contracting opportunities. Martin worked his way through graduate school at Northwestern University as he pursued his Masters in Public Policy and Administration.

    Currently, he is managing partner at Chicagoland Construction and Property Services, which is a firm that he established in 2010 to provide opportunities to people in the community during the distressed economy. The firm currently hires skilled people in the community who are unemployed and “2nd “chance individuals as they gain trade skills. As a green builder, the company tries to be on forefront of new technology and practices that will help the environment, as well as help homeowners economically, and produce some socially responsible change.

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