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Meet MartinMartin ArteagaAlderman 23rd Ward

Martin has been a leader and was recognized with the DePaul Senior Leadership award, where he received his B.A. in Political Science. He attended graduate school at Northwestern University for Public Policy and Administration. Martin is a small business owner and a strong advocate for community development, education, and crime reduction.

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The race in the 23rd Ward has just reached a new low. Recently a mailer went out alleging that I have a history of domestic violence. I want to say flat out that these allegations are LIES. This is a desperate attempt by Alderman Zalewski who is scared of losing his seat and he is using lies of domestic violence as a political tactic. I have ZERO convictions on my record. Period! Alderman Zalewski's mailing does not address stopping domestic violence in the ward, he’s just playing DIRTY POLITICS. Zalewski accepts campaign contributions from 4-hour motels allowing these motels to continue there predatory practices on women. These motels have been linked to bring human trafficking, drugs, and prostitution to our community for decades. (…) My wife Michelle, is a law enforcement officer, and we understand the seriousness of domestic violence. As for my ex-wife, I feel bad that she allowed herself to be used as a political football. To the last of my knowledge she worked with Zalewski as a lobbyist for Hawthorne Race Course. (

This a horrible attempt to paint a successful Latino man as wife beater and criminal. I am a man of God, I’m educated, and I am proud to be an example for the youth of this community. By no means am I perfect, however I am a God fearing family man and I would be very proud to represent the diverse 23rd Ward.

In the interest of transparency, I have attached official state records that show the Zalewski and Melgoza connection.  I am also disclosing my police record that shows that I have ZERO convictions! Period!  Lets move this community forward!

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